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Fort Valley State University is a public, senior, 1890 land-grant institution serving Georgia and the nation. Founded in 1895 as an institution to serve primarily the educational needs of students of African descent, the University provides instruction, research and public and extension services consistent with its land-grant and public functions for all segments of the population to achieve their personal, educational and professional goals. Following the liberal arts and the land-grant traditions, the University provides diversified and challenging programs to meet educational needs resulting from societal changes. Fort Valley State University provides a learning and living environment that enables its graduates and all who come under its influence to become innovative and critical thinkers, problem-solvers and responsible citizens.

As an 1890 land-grant institution, Fort Valley State University is unique among the senior colleges of the University System; however, it shares with the other senior colleges the following core characteristics:

  • commitment to excellence and responsiveness within a scope of influence defined by the needs of an area of the state and by particularly outstanding programs or distinctive characteristics that have a magnet effect throughout the region or state;

  • a commitment to a teaching/learning environment, both inside and outside the classroom, that sustains instructional excellence, serves a diverse and college-prepared student body, promotes high levels of student achievement, offers academic assistance and provides developmental studies programs for a limited student cohort;

  • a high quality general education program supporting a variety of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and professional academic programming at the baccalaureate level, with selected master's and educational specialty degrees and selected associate degree programs based on area need or institutional collaborations;

  • a commitment to public service, continuing education, technical assistance and economic development activities that address the needs, improve the quality of life and raise the educational level within the University's scope of influence;

  • a commitment to scholarly and creative work to enhance instructional effectiveness and to encourage faculty scholarly pursuits and a commitment to applied research in selected areas of institutional strength and area need.

While Fort Valley State University shares some characteristics with the other senior colleges, it is a historically black university with a rich teacher education heritage and the only senior college with a state-wide land-grant research and public service mission. Thus, Fort Valley State University is further committed to:

  • the enhancement of opportunities for the intellectual, personal and professional development of the underserved segment of the population in the state and a limited cohort in the nation;

  • high quality, innovative and technologically advanced programs in teacher education;

  • a broad based curriculum to specialize in excellent programs in the arts and sciences and technology and a broad general background of education in the liberal arts tradition;

  • an international program designed to disseminate new knowledge and technology for improving the quality of life throughout the world;

  • full development of all components of the land-grant function to include a basic and applied research program, a comprehensive public service and technical assistance program and a full range of degree programs in the food and agricultural sciences, the mechanical arts and related areas;

  • a general education program supporting a variety of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and professional academic programming at the baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate levels.

The campus life of Fort Valley State University is characterized by:

  • a supportive campus climate, necessary services and leadership and development opportunities, all to educate the whole person and meet the needs of students, faculty and staff;

  • cultural, ethnic, racial and gender diversity in the faculty, staff and student body, supported by practices and programs that embody the ideals of an open, democratic and global society;

  • technology to advance educational purposes, including instructional technology, student support services and distance education;


  • collaborative relationships with other System institutions, state agencies, local schools and technical institutes and business and industry, sharing physical, human, information and other resources to expand and enhance programs and services available to the citizens of Georgia.


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