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With an excerpt from "The Little Prince" spoken in its original French and "The Prayer of St. Francis" sung in Portuguese, the memorial service held in honor of Demetria Bracey showcased her love for the Ole Miss Modern Languages Department to the family and friends who gathered at Paris-Yates Chapel Sunday afternoon.

"And when your sorrow is comforted (time soothes all sorrows) you will be content that you have known me," the excerpt read.

The sound of flutes that greeted those who entered the chapel revealed Bracey's devotion to the Ole Miss marching band, while a displayed chess board, missing only one queen, revealed her love for the game and the chess club's love for her.

Kelley James, a member of the Ole Miss marching band and Tau Beta Sigma sorority, shared her memories of Bracey with the audience.

"There is no poem or song that accurately describes this loss," she said. So James shared what was in her heart, remembering Bracey's optimism and gratitude.

"She never saw the clouds but was only thankful for the rain," James said.

Father Ollie Rencher, Episcopal chaplain at Ole Miss, shared his memories as well.

"(Bracey) set examples, she rose to the occasion, and she always showed up and did those things which she thought were right," Rencher said.

Along with her father, two brothers and a sister, Bracey left behind her mother, Glenda Hill, who acknowledged her own continuing disbelief and also the fact that nothing could have prepared her for the day she received the news about her daughter.

She remembered asking the detective again and again, "Are you sure?"

But amidst the disbelief, Hill remembers her daughter's wonderful smile, love of learning and movie tastes. She remembers eating Godiva chocolates while watching movies with Bracey.

"I had to watch French films, I had to watch 'Titanic,' I had to watch 'Napoleon Dynamite,'" Hill said. "I loved being with her, no matter what I had to watch."

Bracey was a senior French major from Jackson, a residential adviser in Crosby Hall, a clarinet player for the Ole Miss band and a member of Tau Beta Sigma sorority.

She had planned on becoming an interpreter.

Bracey's body was discovered at approximately 4 p.m. Nov. 15, 2005, in a lower-level apartment in Building E at the Old Taylor Place apartment complex just off campus.

She died of a stab wound to the chest.

Bracey bid sweet farewell

Friends remember former student

By: Mallory Neely

Issue date: 1/30/06


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