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Kappa Kappa Psi

Famous Tau Beta Sigma Members

(August 21, 1904 - April 26, 1984)


William “Count” Basie has had such a widespread influence, it can be heard in virtually every big jazz band to date. Basie was first noticed on the scene when he joined Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Band. They were developing a new sound in big band jazz; A style that was simpler than that of Duke Ellington or Fletcher Henderson. It used short phrases called “riffs” exchanged back and forth between sections. This Call and response method of playing left plenty of room for soloists to be highlighted and many different disciplines of jazz and blues to find a place in the big band sound. Count Basie’s piano style fit this incorporation perfectly.

(born March 18, 1970 in Newark, New Jersey)


Latifah is Arabic for delicate and sensitive and picked by her when she was 8. Queen Latifah is probably the most well-known and respected female rapper in the industry with her strong, empowering lyrics and personable style. Latifah demonstrated that black women can be portrayed as intelligent and beautiful instead of being sexual props in her male counterpart's videos.

More Prominent Members

(born December 12, 1940 in East Orange, New Jersey)


Dionne Warwick has, over an illustrious four-decade career, established herself as an international musical legend. Her reputation as a hit maker has been firmly etched into public consciousness, thanks to nearly sixty charted hits since "Don't Make Me Over" began its climb up the charts in December 1962. As a performer, she has charmed and entertained audiences on every continent, amassing a worldwide audience.

Dr. William P. Foster
(1919 - Present)


Dr. William Patrick Foster, recognized as one of the world's most renowned band directors, was the creator and band director of the internationally acclaimed Florida A&M University (FAMU) Marching "100" Band for over 50 years. His innovative approach to marching band entertainment resulted in his own unique style of band pageantry, which dazzled thousands and brought great recognition to the State of Florida. As an artist and an educator, Dr. Foster truly revolutionized marching band techniques and reshaped the perception of the art form.

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